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Home Port of Seward, Alaska


Auke Bay to Tenakee Hot Springs

Every day, sunny and warm! It's not the Southeast that we had expected.

Wings at sunset in Auke Bay the evening before we left.

Whitestone Harbor. Not much of a harbor, but a lovely and protected anchorage on our way to Tenakee Springs.

We met a BBC film crew making a documentary about whales, and within minutes, ran across these cavorting whales.

Whale tail

Humpback whales

This was a family unit of five

Flatiron steak a la Caplan. Thanks, Richard! Cats at right.

Conni puffs on a Cubano in Tenakee Springs harbor.

Auke Bay. The "fin"-shaped mountain is a nunatak (right center), a harder piece of rock that was not ground down by the advancing glacier.

We leave Auke Bay in the sun.

Conni puts the finishing touches on dinner.

Conni preparing dinner, Auke Bay



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