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Home Port of Seward, Alaska


Auke Bay, Alaska is just north of Juneau, and although the locals resent it, is part of Juneau. These harbor floats are in deep water: over 110 feet with the tide in. Big boats such as Timoneer (below) can tie up here.

Easy to see why we stayed a few days in this lovely harbor in this lovely weather.

Lovely, huge, S/VTimoneer. We've seen this 176 feet, this aluminum-hulled boat in Aialik Bay (near Seward), Glacier Bay, and Auke Bay.

Wings behind Timoneer's bow. This was my first opportunity to get close to see Timoneer. She's just enormous.

Wings in Auke Bay with Timoneer behind

Bill varnishes the caprail in the sun, his refreshment near at hand. Our Hydrovane rudder is at left. We removed is since we have been motoring more than sailing.



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