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We're far from one day melting into the next, but we have been busy and productive.  Here are "boat life" photos.


Marauder is a fine old boat from (as you can read) Everett, WA.  The owner, Martin, is a nice guy.  He and I shared stories of dragging wiring through old boats.

Lovely Conni scales the ladder to our deck. Steep, isn't it?  As as aside, the metal pole behind Conni oscillates.  I suspect it's the wind since I can't imagine anything else but it is odd and it oscillates all day. 

Looking down on our new fridge compressor shows its new design.  It's smaller than our old unit, uses less energy, and is much more quiet, we're told. 

Hot water for our B&B is solar, as is usually case here.  Why not? A tank of that volume must require extra trusses in construction.

I've read about them, but never seen one:  a winged keel on a pleasure boat.  It uses hydrodynamic down-force, rather than weight, to keep the boat on her feet.  The New Zealand beat the US team in the America's Cup using an idea like this.

This interestingly shaped propeller folds parallel to the prop shaft. 

This very odd design is all aluminum, so was expensive.  Initially, I thought that it might catch the rain water hitting the deck and be stored in the hull, but that's wrong.  I still don't know what it does. Photo taken from our deck.

On our round-island drive on Sunday, we stopped at the high point of a pass through the mountains.  This pass cuts through from one side to another  The government has made a lovely sight-seeing stop here and we stopped to take advantage of it. A bay named Fa'aroa meets the valley about half-way and almost cuts the island through.

My shadow and the lovely Conni enjoy the view.  The signage is excellent and very informative.  Nicely for us, it's in French, Polynesian, and English.

Our little rooms in which we've stayed since arrival, as well as our little Fiat Panda rental. 

This is our old fridge, a 38-year-old Adler Barbour unit.  We got our money's worth.

Lovely Conni in the wine aisle of the Liaut. 

This is bow of a lovely boat used by the Bora Bora Resort to transport their exclusive patrons around Bora Bora.  There's no question what happened, is there?  Another vessel, moving several knots, slammed into her starboard bow.  You can see the V-shaped notch.  It penetrated fairly deeply and crushed the foredeck.  It'll require extensive repair.  I saw this at the Carenage today.

How does one buy a vehicle on Raiatea?  Several times a year, car dealers from Papeete bring vehicles to Uturoa, the main village, and put them up for sale.  They even bring a banker to help with finance.  This is their temporary showroom.

The cupboards are bare.  The local supply ship hasn't made it this week and they were OUT of most off-island food.

As we were returning to our vehicle, I caught sight of the masts and had to go look.  She's a cruise ship from a company named, "Variety Cruises", if you wish to research them.  It's about US$200/day/person, so pretty reasonable.  This is the "Pan Orama 2".  Clever, that.



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