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We Begin Fridge Work

As I've mentioned many times, our main task this season is to install our new refrigerator.  We did, finally, get the new unit into the country (after paying a hefty customs fee), but now comes another difficult part:  installation.  We also celebrated our 32 anniversary, so there are a few photos at the end showing that meal.  Way to go, C and B!


Here are the two boxes that we carted from Oakland.  The smaller one at right, unopened at the time, contains the compressor platform.  The open box contains two levels of gear.  The top has the two tubing coils for high and low pressure, the lower contains the cold plate. 

And here's the cold plate, all 35 pounds of it.  It's almost 3" thick and made of stainless steel, so it's a lot to maneuver.  Keeping this thing frozen is the point of the compressor unit.  It's an enormous heat sink.


This is the kitchen of our new bungalow.  No AC, but it's got an open roof and no ceilings.  We've used a blanket, for heaven's sake!

We're leaving for the day.  Conni has locked the bungalow door and we're heading to the Carenage.

This catamaran is from Vienna, Austria and she probably hasn't seen a boat yard in the entire time.  She had barnacles all over her hull and her port-side keel had to be rebuilt, seen here. 

The boat on the left belongs to our German friends, Michael and Britta.  They're German environmentalists, and here they're having the yard apply an expensive new copper coating as a permanent anti-fouling layer.  Michael is in the white T-shirt. 

Night over our bungalow on our anniversary. 

This is the menu from Villa Ixora. We've had 4 anniversary dinners there.  I had that last item on the Poisson section.

The LOVELY Conni enjoying the evening.

Lovely Conni is enjoying her MaiTai and the card that I gave her.  A boat theme seemed appropriate.

The restaurant filled by the time we departed, but had a few empty tables at this point.  We both have MaiTai cocktails and the server has just presented a gorgeous plate of pork terrine and Iberico ham, sliced very thinly.  We had the lovely bread on the tray as well as fresh baguette.  Damn!

Yep, gone. 

Our meals are visible here.  Mine is their version of Salad Niçoise with a big chunk of swordfish. Lovely Conni's meal was duck breast.  She's a sucker for the meal.

We trade photo-taking.

A happy woman!  Lovely Conni enjoying duck breast.

This is our bottle of wine, an Alsace Pinot Noir.  Spectacular!  Yeah, yeah, red wine with fish, but she had duck so it was OK.



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