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We Return to Raiatea Carenage

We're back on the hard and Wings is in her cradle.  We're struggling to complete all of the decommissioning chores we have.


Yes, a very common sight: Conni surfing. 

This is the Taha'a home of Mana'o rhum.  It's a rhummery!  They're not yet in production, but they make very good rhum.

As we've mentioned, people grow their outdoor plants in pots rather than in the ground.  We've never found a reason but this is the result:  a riot of color!  This is in Tapuamu.

This is the inside of the Tapuamu store, in their "clothing department."  It's not a huge selection, is it?

We found this straight walkway and went to investigate.  It's got to be human-made but how old is it?

Even after our walk, we hoped to sample some Mana'o rhum, so took their tour.  This is our guide explaining the 15 different varieties of cane that they use. 

Quite a jump, I know, but here Wings is in the Carenage slip.  This is the cockpit of a cruising boat.

Wings is not a boat, and won't be until next season.

The Carenage has a tug.  They're preparing her for her first towing job, an 800-ton barge in Bora Bora.  That's some huge tow rope!

Wings is being moved from the TraveLift (blue legs) to the trailer. 

Why move her to the trailer?  This is why!  That's very close, but the trailer can pivot on all wheels so is very maneuverable.


This is the stern of a fancy passenger carrier for this most famous of resorts:  The Bora Bora Four Seasons.  Alas, some vessel punched her bow with their own and put her out of commission.

Here is Wings in her cradle, her home for many months.

Back in Tiare Nui Pension, Conni has already begun our proper cocktail hour with gin and tonic, olives, 3 cheeses, and baguette.

This is out of sequence, but I decided to add it anyway.  This is a a new moon rising over Haamene Bay.



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