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Our Departure From the Carenage

It's taken 4 weeks, 28 days, to complete our work and prepare to depart the Carenage. We're ready!  Here are a few photos of our last week or so.

.I mentioned this device in a blog.  It's the sensor for our Mercury gas tank, a clever device!  The gauge in the cap is at left and the other end protrudes into the tank.  The orange float moves with the gas level, of course, and at it moves up the twisted metal stem, the stem rotates, and that rotates the gauge needle.  Impressively simple technology, I think


From our deck, a photo of the most famous island in the Pacific:  Bora Bora.  That skyline is unmistakable. 

Over the off-season, we try and protect the plastic cover on our new radome.  We use an outboard cover like this was.  It's nylon material that was totally destroyed by UV in a single season. 

The boat is SV Auntie, owned and single-handed by this American sailor. 

Nope, neither of us has any idea what this beautiful flower is, but the colors are spectacular.

This is wild ginger, and what a gorgeous color it is, too.

We had walked a mile to this little magasin, and it was still closed when we arrived.  Fortunately, the owner opened early for us. Lovely Conni poses in front.

This is the gate to Apooiti, obviously, and the warning against alcohol and pot, or "pakalolo", the local name.

Bill walks back to the boat with groceries and two baguettes. 

We've seen this flower each year, and have never been able to identify it.  You?

There are  no lawn mowers as we know them, but everyone uses a string trimmer.  This is road crew, clearing the road side.

This is how the yard moves a big catamaran.  They move this hydraulic trailer under the boat and lift the middle with hydraulics.  Look closely and note the yellow posts.

Now it's Wings' turn to move on the trailer.  Lovely Conni watches.

Dominic, the boss and owner, guides his trailer under Wings. 

Wings, just before entering the water.

And, she's a boat again!  Her keel is in the water.  The big, blue machine is a TraveLift adn she's held by big slings.

Our first ice cubes cool our first gin and tonic.  We can't buy this Schweppes Indian Tonic, but it's the best.

Sunset from Koko's Roulotte, one of our favorites.  Not a bad view, is it?

Barbara, Jim, Bill, and Bill (me) sit at Koko's.  Jim and Barbara are half-owners of Turtle Blues, another Passport.  We've become good friends the past few years.

This is Vera, owned by Michael and Britta, our German friends.  They have a new hull product, Copper Cote anti-fouling.

We call these two, "the Inspectors", since they walk around the yard watching everything.  They're not keen on Americans, but the guy with shirt feeds several stray cats:  can't be all bad.



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