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Day 1 of Work

There's always a Day 1.  This was it.  I've prefaced the photos of work with a bit of the trip to Raiatea and a few hours in Papeete after landing. 


As we awaited our but into downtown Papeete from Fa'a International, I snapped this photo of an early morning in the capital city.

From the same bus stop, a photo of the biggest airport in the country, Fa'a International. 

Yeah, poor lighting, but this is Lovely Conni on the Front du Mer in downtown Papeete.  Marina Papeete is behind her.

Would you have walked by a shop displaying these gorgeous pain au chocolat?  We didn't.

Holy smokes...

From our seats, I shot this photo of their cook display. 

Catholicism has many flavors.  This wooden Mary holding Jesus is holding a breadfruit.  The roots at bottom make it easy to see the origin of the wood.

Pay your money, receive your holy water.  Interesting concession...

This is a station of the cross with a local bent.  Va'as, local outrigger canoes carry the saints here.

It's a miniature coconut, husk and nut!  I saw it and could not imagine what it was.

It's not difficult to see where this culture gained its appreciation for flamboyant colors.  We saw this display as we waked along the streets.

These are pareu, a large scarf-typed thing that can be configured into a dress worn by locals. 

Lovely Conni enjoys a Hoa draft or "pression" beer at our favorite downtown bar, Le Retro. 

To cool patrons, local businesses have begun to spray mists of water.  I was fascinated!  Thermodynamics 101 at work.

Lovely Conni reads the menu at Patachou, our favorite downtown eatery.  I mention some of our history with this plae  in our blog.

Our rental car packed with gear!  PLEASE note the refrigerator, in our hands after much trial and tribulation...and cost.

This is the kitchen of our Air BnB, Aranui Guest House.  We've been coming to Raiatea for 9 years and we've NEVER had a washing machine.  Luxury.

This is an aisle in the Liaut grocery store. 

Lovely Conni stalks good cheese at Liaut.

i suppose that this is an odd photo, but we've never seen this product:  charcoal from local trees.

This is the entrance to our sailmaker's loft.  Madame Regine Faux is a friend after all of the years that we've been customers.  She and her daughter do superb work.

This is our first view of Wings.  She's in her cradle and is in good shape.

To get a French Polynesian Franc price, divide by 100.  Expensive!



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