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Bora Bora to Huahine

We will continue with our tour of Bora Bora, and then show a few photos of Huahine.  All of the Huahine photos are from Fare, the main village.


Here we are back at the gun emplacement.  This is the bunker, constructed in 1942.  It's a pretty bare-bones structure.

This is gun 2, virtually identical to gun 1. 

Again, this is the breech of the gun showing the manufacturing information.  It fires a 7-inch diameter shell and was forged in 1907.

A look down the bore of a 7-inch naval gun.  The grooves, of course, imparted spin to the shell, providing for much greater accuracy.  I suppose that it's a "rifled gun" to distinguish it from a simple cannon that fires balls or shells with no spin.

Lovely Conni seems as interested about this gun as I. 

Lovely Conni provides a sense of scale to the gun.  The actual breech is open here.

This is all that remains of a bunker.  It's not deep into the hill's stone and not too large, so it's probably quarters for the on-watch crew and not an ammo dump.

On the walk back to the car, we came across the exposed lava.  Note the obvious sign of the liquid nature of the rock before it cooled.  Fascinating!

This is the final grade to the roadway, showing how difficult it was to access the gun site.

This population has a chocolate addiction worse than mine!  It's very difficult to buy breakfast cereal without chocolate. 

We motor-sailed from Bora Bora to Apooiti on Raiatea, spent the night (hot showers and water!), then on to Huahine.  This tiny structure is located on a coral reef inside the strait between Raiatea and Taha'a.  Walking in water...

Lovely Conni at the helm steers us to Huahine, with Raiatea in the background.

With our anchoring successfully accomplished, we motored to the Huahine Yacht Club, one of our favorites.  Burgers and a cocktail were on our minds! 

Sunset over the mooring field from the Huahine Yacht Club is a stunning sight.  Wings is just to the right of sun.

Anchor lights are on in the mooring field.  What a gorgeous sight.

The next afternoon, we again attended Happy Hour just for cocktails.  What's not to like at 2 for 1 Maitais?

Lovely Conni enjoying the lovely light and a great Maitai.

The remnants of round 1.

These foiling boards, pulled by boats or powered by sails or kits, are a growing sport here. 

This is the new cargo/ferry on the Leeward Islands run.  She's running light since her bow bulb is exposed.  The photo is taken as the boat spins to offload cargo and people on the Fare dock.

Lovely Conni strides to the market in Fare. 

Where else would you look for her?  Conni peruses the booze aisle. 

This is Amer Picon, not sold in the US, but a major component of many fine cocktails.  Crockett?

After docking and unloading, the new ferry takes on more freight and passengers and heads to Papeete, Tahiti.  Locals sell fish and other local goods as passengers arrive.

The great logo of the ferry, the Apetapi Express.  The shapes on the outside are oars, signfying a voyage.  The waves are as they appear.  The tiki face is common here.

The stern of this huge catamaran shows its huge size.

As mentioned, Fare is the main village on the island of Huahine, so the mayor's office is here.



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