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Bora Bora Tour

We stayed in Bora Bora for a week and rented a car one day.  Here's a record of what we saw. 


This is the bread basket at Chin Lee's store.  Note, as I've shown before, that the baguettes are rolled to provide a smooth shape.  I'll try that.

Hanging bananas at Chin Lee's in Viatape, Bora Bora. 

Lovely Conni peruses the veggie aisle. 

We were visiting the remains of the convoy refueling depot from WW2, and came across this gorgeous flower.  Crockett will find out what it is.  Thanks.

I've taken and posted many photos of this, but it always fascinates me.  This is part of the extensive works for the fuel depot, made by hand by SeaBees.  For aggregate, they used sea shells, still visible.

These plants are for sale, not inexpensively, across from the old harbor. 

The original waterfront in the WW2 harbor.

More remnants.  I've not seen an aerial photo so don't know the original design.

The locals nail coconut husks to the trees and this plant grows in them.  I have no idea what it is. 

From the gun emplacement, a few toward a volcanic plug.

Lovely Conni strolls from our rental car toward Bloody Mary's, a world-famous beach bar.

This is the inside of Bloody Mary's.  Sand floor, uncomfortable stools, and chickens decorate the place.

The Rolling Stones meet Polynesia:  the Bloody Mary's icon. 

A "Jimmy Buffet Cheeseburger", presumably the one in paradise, with a Bloody Mary's Bloody Mary:  great lunch.

A view from the gun emplacement. 

The cave is obvious in this photo.  I imagine that the locals used it extensively. 

This is the dump for the entire island.  They have to recycle a lot, of course, and send it to Australia, but it's a small dump.

A view of the magnificent lagoon near the gun emplacement.

 Beautiful water and land within the lagoon. 

With Raiatea in the background, a resort on the reef invites wealthy guests to bungalows over the water.

The observation bunker for the guns with a view toward Taha'a.

Repainted gun 1 in its emplacement.  That's new signage, too.  It's a 7-inch gun taken from a WW1 battleship, the USS Connecticut.

This is the iconic Construction Battalion logo, a bee with a Thompson sub-machine gun in one arm, and tools in the others.

On the gun's breech is this wording.  Difficult to read is the forging year of 1907.

May16, 1942.  Some SeaBee proudly wrote this date in the concrete that he and his mates had poured.  I'm sure that they're all gone, but his work lives on.



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