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Yes, it's taken 2-1/2 weeks to complete. but we've installed our autopilot and it works!  Conni went through the "dockside" commissioning and everything checks as it should.  Today is Saturday and we move to the boat on Monday


This is our new rudder indicator and the support that I built for it.  It was a good idea, but had to be modified by removing one side of it.  That one change made the difference and it's in place and functioning.

This is the installed drive showing the protrusion into the bulkhead behind it. 

This is the "business end" of the drive where it connects to the tiller arm.  The tiller arm is a grey bar angled to 11 o'clock.  The drive is attached to a bolt and has a quick release shown by the red velcro.  The blob sitting on the tiller arm is the epoxy holding the rudder indicator in place. 

This is a good photo of the drive supported by the leg that Conni's dad made.  Its base will be epoxied do the hull.

This is our favorite store in Uturoa, Liaut, owned by a Chinese couple. 

Inside Liaut is the frozen food section with food from all over the Pacific rim.

Outside the other store is the Uturoa harbor.

We stocked up on groceries for the trip but missed out on the baguettes.  I've never seen a more bare display.

We call the country Vietnam, but the French know it as French Inochina.  This is a bag of rice, of course.

Looking forward from the cockpit is a scene from under out center piece of boat cover. 

This Danish boat is just in front of Wings so we've become friends.  Each person pays the owner, who's not on the boat, for the pleasure of sailing around the world and performing the maintence.



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