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Recent Work

We have done so much work but have few photos to show you.  When we've worked all day, we've got new wiring or something varnished to show for the work, but that's less photogenic than one would imagine.  Here are some photos of our work the past 14 days.

This mess is the result of our decision on how to complete the installation of the autopilot drive.  The blue metal is an extension of a bracket that I installed for the previous drive.  The hole allows us to mount the drive further back.  Yes, I did use a vacuum to clean the mess.

This is Richard, our friend and work helper.  Originally from Canada, he lives for 6 months here, and 6 months in Florida. He's become a resident of French Polynesia.

Bill and Richard study the autopilot drive before a fitting.

Yes, a blurry photo, but interesting to me.  It's a bubble level that we've mounted to the top of the drive, showing how level it is.  Pretty good!

This is the drive in place, showing the new location with the motor pushed through that bulkhead.  It's sitting on the blue metal piece from a few photos back.

This is the drive in its new location, showing the new wood spacer to raise it to level.  Since "pretty" costs more we chose workability over esthetics. 

With a cleaned floor, this is how the bulkhead and new fiberglass work look.  The bracket is from the previous drive install. That's caulk around the "top hat" since I decided that I might need to remove it. 

Conni and I are pleased to say that this is the only task that we've completed!  We replaced the forward head!  Here, Conni is working on cleaning the area for our re-installation.



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