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She's a Boat!

It's been many weeks, but we're finally in the water.  Here are a few photos that I've gathered to show what we've been doing. 

We drove to dinner a week ago, while still living in the bungalow and I snapped this photo of a crescent moon in a lovely South Pacific sunset.

This is our favorite roulotte, or food wagon.  It's not mobile anymore but the seating and food are still superb.  The father/griller is in the black shirt at right.

The flash on our little camera did not do justice to lovely Conni, but it shows the mountain of fries and nice steak of our meals.  We both enjoyed steak frite.

This beautiful tour boat was in for some work and I snapped the photo.  She was built in this yard.  Note the tiki on her bow.

Striding into a muddy yard, Conni and I depart the boat so that the trailer lift at right can move Wings  Wings is the smaller red-bottomed boat.  At left is a 50-ft Amel.

Boat on trailer, trailer on forklift...never seen it before. I suppose that it's easier than using a truck to put it where you want it.

As we pay our bill, Viarea, the Carenage accountant piles on the pages of charges. 

Dominique, the boss, looks on as Wings is handed from the trailer to the huge TraveLift. 

The blue and yellow trailer is being lowered as Wings is moved to the TraveLift for splashing.

To prevent paint and grease from the slings being ground into the fiberglass of her hull, this worker uses plastic tubes strung along the lift straps of the TraveLift.  This is a new process, but I've scrubbed paint and ground-in grease too many times not to be glad.

Here, Wings hangs in the TraveLift slings and is ready for splashing.

And...with her keel in the water, Wings is a boat again!  This is the launch slip that I've mentioned many times in our blog.



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