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Return to Fare and a Drive Around the Island

At Avea Bay, we were struggling with the refrigerator problem so we rented a car to buy ice and groceries in Fare, the main village on Huahine.  After buying our groceries, we hurried back to the boat, motored them to the boat, and took a first-time drive around the islands.  We took photos!

In Fare, there's only one grocery store.  At the meat counter is this wonderful sign in French and Polynesian.  "Mauruuru" means, "Thank you."

Lovely Conni shops for yogurt  As most of these island stores are, it's a hodgepodge of groceries. 

As we always say, it's the most beautiful water we've ever seen.  The deep blue in the distance is the deep Pacific, then the surf line pounding on the reef, then the shallow reef itself with its beautiful aqua color.  The inner blue water is in the lagoon.

This is another photo from the same location showing the beautiful water colors.

Here's a possible holiday photo of us with the lovely water in the background.

The distant and near pilings are range markers, used to keep a boat on track when entering a dangerous pass.  One must keep the two range markers vertically aligned, with the nearer, taller one behind. 

We're unsure of the name of this huge bay, but it's big.  We caught this view from the east side of Huahine.

This shows the fantastically lush growth on Huahine.

We have no idea what this flower is but it's beautiful.

This is a view through the palms along the road toward an inlet through the reef. 

This is a fish trap!  The pass through the reef is a mile or so to the left and the fish swim in from the ocean to feed, then get funneled into the trap. These are very old.  We're unsure if they're still used, but they show a community's effort to build and maintain.

Homes often have small market attached to them to sell the fruits and vegetables that they grow. 

Ahead of our little rental car is the east side of Huahie's reef.

The next few photos are of the large temple complex on Huahine's north side.  Religion was an integral part of everyone's life. The square corners and enormous effort still astound us.

Although not open when we visited, this building was fabricated in the traditional way, with a palm thatch roof and bamboo walls

My favorite photo of this set, showing the waterside structure common to all the maraes that we've seen.  We've read that royalty and priests sat on top of these structures and orchestrated activities, especially voyages of discovery.

Square corners, pretty good lines, no morter used:  how did they make these things? 

We had the place to ourselves.  Here, lovely Conni strolls through these abandoned holy sites. 

With one road on the island, a belt road around the circumference, wherever you start, you'll find again!  On our return to Fare, we splurged and had lunch at this roulotte.  "Hamburger frite", or hamburger and fries, was the drool-worthy meal for both of us. 



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