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Work and Life

We've been at it for 3 days now and have accomplished a lot.  Here are some scenes of our time so far.

If you've followed us at all, you know that there should be a derelict ferry moored here. It's gone!

A nice, new gate now protect the boats and contents.  There's a "man gate" at right that's usually open, but Dominique promises a passkey system will soon be in place. 

This is our first view of Wings!  She's hidden in the back row but is in great shape.  Dominique moved the mast and other garbage, so it's easier to board now.

A yellow sunset seen through a breadfruit tree.  This is seen from our little porch.

A scene from our favorite little market, Liaut.  It's owned by a Polynesian/Asian family and has great prices on wine and other necessities.

This photo is the baguette stand at the other big market, Champion, a subsidiary of the French chain, Carrefore.

Conni observes conditions in the cockpit.

At day's end, Conni descends down our ladder.  Steep, isn't it?

Friday cocktail offerings!  Sauscisse with pistachios, Comte cheese, and Brillat-Savarin, along with gin and Schwepps lemon seltzer. 

We tried a new market, one within walking distance of our bungalow.  I admired the huge chunks of thune rouge or red tuna, locally caught.

As I mentioned in the blog, this is the 'Man Cave" in which I spend an inordinate amount of time.  You can see how comfortable it must be.

A good photo of working conditions in the Man Cave.



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