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Photos from Several Day's Work

We've been busy and all of the work has slowed our photo posting.  This is good range of photos to show what we've been doing.

This is a great photo of our lifting apparatus.  Here's a "blue box", well named.  The old Raymarine radar dome (radome) is nestled inside, as you can see.  The old "adapter plate" rests to left of the box.

This is our typical dinner arrangement while in the bungalow.  It's not a lot of space, but it's cool and we've been working in the heat all day.  This meal was special:  steak from New Zealand, pan fried, with canned corn and salad from locally-grown lettuce.

We've never seen a keel like this, but some company thought it was a good idea.  Note the damage from a reef impact!

Reef damage.  She must have hit the reef on her starboard (right) side, judging from the damage.  The yard owner, Dominique,  bought the boat from the owner for US$4000, made patches, and brought it to the yard.  He hopes to repair and then sell her. 

Bill at dinner.  That enormous cocktail is a Mai Tai, and a great one.  It was my birthday meal so we had a night out!

Lovely Conni ordered duck, as she will do.  It's a lovely presentation and beautifully prepared.

This is a homemade boat, complete with outrigger.  She's tied to the municipal dock in Uturoa, second largest city in the country.

This is the festive interior of Champion grocery store.  There are many very overweight locals, it seems, but we don't know if it's recent or traditional.

Lovely Conni bends to apply varnish to the teak cap rail.  She's already applied blue painting tape along both inside and outside, so a lot of bending work in hot sun as already occurred.

Our new HALO radar!  The model is HALO, named for a technical reason, but you can see the adapter plate that we fabricated to meld the new radar and the older radar platform.  Ain't it pretty?


This is a view aft from the bow toward the stern.  Conni's working on starboard side and the boat's sun cover is obvious. 

Port side, with a view down the unvarnished port side cap rail and our steep boarding ladder.  Climbing that many times a day with hands full of tools has been a challenge.

Yes, it's another photo of the new radome.  It's easy to see the radar bracket, the new adapter plate, and the radome itself.  That white bar protruding from the mast is a "spreader" and is my perch while working on the radome.

This is our chock repair.  The piece of bronze that fits here was ripped from the boat, found by a diver, and returned to us.  I'm rejuvenating the wood and using epoxy to provide some more strength to the area.

Our good friends, Jonathan and Lindsey Galin made a "cold call" and contacted the manager of the local branch of a world-wide charter company and somehow convinced him to buy and deliver this liquid loot as a birthday present. These two are the only ones in the world who could have managed it! JG and Linds, thank you for this exceptionally generous and thoughtful present. 



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