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Vaiaeho Bay

Vaiaeho Bay is one a "pocket lagoon" on Raiatea's southwest corner.  It does have three entrances from the Pacific but can't be reached by traveling along the lagoon that surrounds the island. As you can see, it's extraordinarily beautiful and tranquil.

Yes, Bora Bora, but a nice shot of us.

Lovely Conni at the wheel during our boisterous sail from Bora Bora to Taha'a.

During our wild ride from Bora Bora to Taha'a, I snapped this shot of Wings shouldering through the seas.

Bill at the helm on Saturday on our motor sail from Taha'a to Vaiaeho Bay.

This is a screen shot from my iPad's nav software, showing Vaiaeho Bay and our anchor location.

A view of Raiatea's shore from  the bay.  It's a very remote location.

Another view of shore from the cockpit, showing the shallow green water in which we're anchored and the deeper blue of the middle.

The three other cruising boats at anchor with us, as well as the motu on the north side of the pass. 

Lovely Conni and the celebratory spread that she prepared for our first night in Vaiaeho Bay:  Jonathan wine, fresh baguette, good cheese, and some smoked mussels.

Bracing our camera on the taffrail, we tried this shot of the setting sun.  Of course, it's a mere glimmer of the event, but it's still beautiful.

The shadow of Wing's mast on the sandy bottom: very close!

The surf that's pounding on the reef is barely visible at left, about a mile away.  Wings at anchor in Vaiaeho Bay.

The other American boat departed so we were down to three boats in this tranquil bay. 




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