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The Trip and Arrival in French Polynesia

As we mentioned in our blog, LAX was almost empty of the usual hustle and bustle of passengers.  Enjoy some photos of our trip.

This is another view of the quantity of material that we carried.  The photo, of course, is from our home in Anchorage.

We said that LAX was empty, and we weren't kidding!

Masked Conni awaits our flight with our gear. 

We have no idea who these workers were, but they were in head-to-toe protection.  We assumed that they were cleaning some hazmat spill.

After arriving in Papeete and waiting an hour for our flight to Raiatea, we boarded.  Conni is ahead of me with Moorea in the background

Raiatea!  This is the Southeast side with the lagoons that are our goal to visit this season.

Moorea's lagoons are familiar and beautiful. 

Our home island of Raiatea.  The cluster of sailboats is just outside of our yard, the Raiatea Carenage.  Wings is hiding on land someplace in the crowd.

Conni and I await for our ride to Pension Tiare Nui.  Everything survived and arrived!

This small inlet is the path that we take to deliver departing guests when we're on the boat. 

Conni drives our Fiat Panda to fetch our gear.

Yep, that's all she'll hold.



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