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Wings Becomes a Boat Again!

We've been working toward this day for a long time, since before we departed Alaska, actually.  We're finally in the water and we're not sinking!  We snapped a few photos of today's events. 

This is the view from Wings' deck just before we are lifted from her cradle.  That's lovely Conni in front, of course. 

They've taken her away!  Wings held by the TraveLift.  The cradle in which she spent many months is in the foreground.

Lovely Conni stands in front of Wings as she hangs in the sling of the TraveLift. 

This is the guy who is replacing his rigging.  As I mentioned, he is ascending the mast on a rope in a manner similar to how I do so, although he makes it look easier than do I!

The mast is out of the boat, barely, and the owner is still adjusting the lifting sling.  You can see the big boom truck in the background.

This team of yard guys and the owner (standing at left) is removing the various connections to the cables/rigging that hold the mast upright.  The yard owner, Dominique, is in the blue shirt.

When we finally received word that we were up for launch next, we had to depart the boat until she was in the water.  Steep ladder that Conni is descending.

The water in the foreground is the slip into which the launched boats are deposited.  Conni awaits on the other side of the slip.  That old derelict ferry has been there since we've stored Wings there.

Wings in the TraveLift slings is moving toward the slip and her life as a boat again.  Conni is at left, watching.

The tires of the TraveLift are nerve-wrackingly close to the edge, in my opinion! 

And...Wings is again a creature of the seas.  Her keel in the water means that she's a boat again.




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