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We FINALLY Move From Raiatea!

We've included a few photos of our time on the city dock in Uturoa at which we stayed after leaving the Carenage, but we also have some photos not taken on Raiatea!  After over a month of daily work, we're finally on the move.  As of this writing, we're in Tapuamu Bay, an old favorite.

Wings tied to the city dock in Uturoa.  Note the blowing palm trees and surf in the marina! We're tied there as we mentioned in our blog because we were having engine problems. 

This is the other side, the windward side of Wings, showing the lines that we added to keep her off the dock and to prevent the loss of so many fenders against the dock.  Reducing the banging not only saved fenders but allowed some much needed sleep. Again, note the effects of heavy wind on palms and water.

The owner of this tiny vessel sailed her, alone (not that there was room for anyone else) from France to French Polynesia.  There is no engine, not even an outboard, so he has one large scull oar.  With the mast that far forward, she's a downwind sailor.  Can you imagine enduring a storm in this can?  The guy is probably a bit loony, but he's a spectacular sailor.

Lovely Conni watches the boat as I snap some photos. 

This is the local banana auction where locals sell stalks of local bananas. Behind me is the market building in which locals sell everything from fresh fish to food.

There are no car dealerships here on Raiatea, so a few times a year, dealers in Papeete bring in automobiles to sell.  The also bring bankers and all are ready to deal. There is some attempt made to provide some shelter for the buyers and tire kickers, but the visiting Mara'amu, the hot, wet, violent storm system, has made the place a mess.

The focus of this photo was the plastic-covered speaker! They were blasting local music but knew how to prepare for the  wet and windy conditions.

Lovely Conni walkes into the protective corner in which we hid Wings.  The red and white marks on the dock delineated the Shell station fuel area. 

Tapuamu Bay on Taha'a is one of our favorite anchorages.  It's about 3 hours from Uturoa and has protection from the prevailing storms, being on the West side of the island.  There are some facilities, including water, a small shop, and fuel.  The red-hulled freighter is an inter-island freighter that delivers everything from groceries to building supplies.  The boat in the foreground, Island Wanderer, is from England, so even further from home.  We suspect she's a Covid refugee.

This is a great photo of Lovely Conni as she clutches her morning coffee. 

As one freighter departs, another arrives:  blue replaces red.  The blue freighter docks stern-to-dock and lowers a ramp for vehicle traffic. 

Bora Bora from our stern.  The view makes for pleasant sundowners. 



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