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As you can imagine, hauling the volume and weight of material for a single season is difficult, but we are also hauling a 24-inch radome, chartplotter, GPS mushroom, data repeater, and sonar transducer, along with the masses of new network cable and fixtures. 

Box 1 of gear that I'm hauling includes, obviously, a 90° drill and charger for difficult locations, Honda generator oil, as well as new B&G instruments and other tools that I'll need for the installation.

Box 2 contains the new chartplotter as well as this white box that I designed and had fabricated.  The new box will house the new B&G Triton2 display as well as the old Raymarine drive that I hope to incorporate into our new network.  The red cord over the box is part of the "quick weigh" system that I made to acquire box weights without having to lift the boxes, a hassle when they're full.

This our new B&G HALO 20+ radome, a new generation of digital radar.  It uses no more energy than a mobile phone, it's safe because of that low radiation, and it even provides Doppler movement data. 

Conni's MUCH more reasonable baggage is ready to go on Friday.  Ship's documentation is on the floor beside her one blue box, back pack, and black duffle.  Conni is carrying all of the food that we're taking, so she's a master-packer.



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