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Ten Days of Work on Wings

It's been a lot of work so far, ten days in fact.  We drive to work from the bungalow and work until closing time at the yard.  Still, we are grateful for the stunning beauty around us. 

No, they're not boats, my dear friends. They're my Crocs, full of water from an overnight rain.   

We mentioned our evening of conversation and wine with our new New Orleans friends on Mojo.  They departed before we and here she is backing from the trailer.  The splash is from a yard worker who had helped with the lines, jumping to return to work. 

I mentioned in the blog about our ten-hour day spent preparing to drag the old radar cable from the mast.  Here Conni is bent down working on the messenger line.   

From the worker's point of view, this is the work field.  The mast base is at upper right and the cable hole at its base is visible.  The tools of the trade are scattered about.

I know this seems redundant, but since we both spent the better part of a day hunkered over this damned hole, I wanted everyone to appreciate it!

The hole...The large white cable is the radar cable, and the small white one is our VHF cable.  It's apparent the amount of metal that I removed with the tiny burr grinder and right-angle drill. 

This is a view from our bungalow "back yard".  The island of Taha'a, the Vanilla Island, is within the same lagoon and is about 5 nautical miles away. 

This is our small group of four bungalows, although our usual unit, B, is behind is to the right.  We're looking at the mountains of Raiatea, exactly opposite the view toward Taha'a.

There are two of these tiny covered picnic tables on the grounds. Lovely Conni has set up our nightly cocktail spread on this one.

Here's the lovely lady herself!  Conni poses in front of our bungalow.


Cheap French white wine, sausage, two cheeses, and conversation about the day's work and tomorrow's strategy.



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