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Bora Bora Walk

We've enjoyed our time on Bora Bora.  We motor to town every few days, we have nice stand-up showers every other day, and we get Internet every few days.  Yesterday, we took a walk down Faanui Bay, passing Faapiti on the way.  We've included a few photos of that walk.

Conni prepares an evening cocktail hour, regardless.  This one includes fresh baguette, French cheese, olives, and good Rose. 

This is a view of Conni's ankle and tattoo in the foreground, and the near shore in the background. 

A Polynesian sunset as seen from aboard Wings.  What colors the sky can make!

A road sign for those few not already aware of things, shows the way back toward Viatape to the right and toward our walk, Faanui, to the left. There's no mistaking that Bora Bora skyline, is there?

These motorized barges are typical transport around the island, although we do see them in other places, too.  They're just barges with two powerful outboards, but they carry massive loads of anything from food to garbage.

This church is at the head of Faanui Bay.  Catholic, of course, and in a beautiful setting.

The material looks natural, and perhaps it is.  Perhaps the locals just carved into the local coral deposts in desirable patterns:  we're  not sure.  I tend to think that's the correct process, but it's interesting stuff.

This is the western peak of the two that comprise the Bora Bora skyline. 

Our walk down the bay was at least 1-1/2 miles, and it was still very hot.  We enjoyed a rest on this launch ramp.

Plumeria.  It's one of my favorite tropical flowers and to me, this is a particularly beautiful example.

I completed the last of a dozen plug replacements on our deck, while Conni cleaned the hull from the dinghy.  She's not afraid of some hard work in the sun.



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