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A Quiet Saturday in Taina

Before the onslaught of engine work on Monday, we're taking a quiet day for ourselves. We did some chores and some light projects, but only a few. We've got some Marina Taina photos and some Carrefour photos for you to see.

The world's largest charter catamaran, Hemisphere, docked across from us. For the sailors among you, note that there are no spreaders.

Lovely Conni departs the "crows nest" at the marina office.

The view lagoon-ward from the marina offfice shows the row of megayachts. The yellow arrow is pointing at Wings' mast with the blue jib on her roller furler.

Our "gang plank" to the quay. I've got it lifted off of our teak cap rail. Wings is simply not constructed for a Med mooring.

This large boat with the T/T Hemisphere, is the tender for Hemisphere! Their dinghy! Holy smokes!

This is the Carrefour, a major French grocery chain that predominates in French Polynesia. It's modern and (thankfully) has air conditioning.

I guess this is an odd photo, but these are whole veal carcasses for roasting, I guess. They're from NZ, of course, and cost about US$115.

Another odd local fish, we saw these surface skimmers travel along the surface with their mouths open, as shown. Presumably, they're scooping up food.




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