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Raiatea 2 Photos

We've been here over a week, now, working every day. We forgot how much hard work there is in maintaining a boat in the tropics! Since we'll be aboard the boat with no Wifi access, this will be our last photo update until we reach Papeete on Tahiti.

Our steak and fries meal came from this family-run roulette. Each family has staked its own area and they just drive in and set up.

LOTS of food! After a week of one-box dinners, we were ready to consume this.

As we drove back to the bungalow, we spied this lovely 210", steel-hulled, teak-decked ketch. Built in 1954, she's family-owned and from Germany. She sleeps 6 guests and 6 crew.

It's a labor of love to keep her this beautiful.

The wind was howling and I had difficulty holding the camera steady, but that helm seat is laminated wood in the shape of a whale's tail. One sits on the horizontal flukes.

A Bluespine Unicorn fish. Odd looking fish.

We took a drive toward the south part of the island the other afternoon as far as Fa'aroa Bay, one of our favorites. What a gorgeous place!

Lovely Conni and I shared a single Hinano while admiring Fa'aroa.

Another view of Fa'aroa Bay, the deepest cut in Raiatea.

Conni laughingly calls these, "houseplants" since we in Alaska can only grow them, with difficulty, in inside pots. These are just roadside plants.

Steak frites on the hoof. Nice looking cow, actually.

Ah, cats... Evidently, sometime this past summer, a cat or cats spent more than one night curled in our mainsail.



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