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The Beta is Installed!

We began this project two years ago. From Alaska, we ordered the engine in January 2019. The engine traveled a long way and finally arrived in Papeete, French Polynesia. With local masterful help, the Beta 50HP was installed.

This is a fake palm tree! In fact, it's a cell tower. Pretty clever, isn't it?

The Beta is installed, here, sitting on the new feet and motor mounts. We've got some work to do, in addition to re-assembling the furniture that surrounds the engine.

Looking down on the Beta, seeing Adrian's arm and the white Balmar 120A alternator at upper left.

Background: most American vented loops use a small flapper valve to operate, but this one always spews saltwater while the engine is running. Of course, that means we must drill a hole in the boat's side. We were unwilling to do that, so before we could find another type, we just taped the pissing tube into the galley sink. This photo is great, not only because it shows the system, but because the shutter is so fast that you can see the pulses of the pump.

Gabriel helps Adrian's arm complete the final inspections before the sea trial.

Conni and Adrian's leg discuss the new instrument panel.

Our new Beta 50 horsepower engine in its new home. Note the enormous amount of room on all sides.



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