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We Depart French Polynesia

We've been in FP for longer than ever before, although much time was spent on engine work. Nevertheless, it's been a lovely time in this beautiful country.


The requisite photo of Wings being hauled from the water.

The huge Outremer catamaran, Archer, with the damage she suffered after her mooring broke and she collided with a resort. Most damage is cosmetic, fortunately.


We think of this as "our" sailmaker's shop, but it's Madame Regine Faux's shop. Note the huge machine in the sewing well.

I do love this photo of Madame Faux and Conni. Through the years, we've become friends and Madame Faux does superb work.

I mentioned in the blog that we stumbled on the Tonton Burger open one night and inside, serenading the diners, was this many-piece local group.

From Wings' deck I snapped this photo of boats moored outside. Not a bad sight, is it?

We don't know what this flower is, but it's growing in the center of the Pension Tiare Nui, our home away from home.

Our photos wouldn't be complete without a photo of our cluttered room as we were preparing to depart.

Wings in her cradle awaits our return next season.

Hoji is a local Polynesian with whom we established a good friendship during our stay in the yard. He's a fine mechanic and had been hired to repair Carenage equipment. We're aboard Larry's boat, Blue Star, for sundowners. Since Wings was virtually next door, we all became good friends.

Larry is an interesting character, well traveled and having had many jobs in his career. We spent many afternoons drinking his beer.

Lovely Conni, the Queen of Caulk! After her work on the mast boot, she was covered in white caulk.



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