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We Eat Galettes de Sarrazin

I've mentioned this entire story in a blog, but we returned to the roulotte to enjoy another Galette de Sarrazin: a crepe made from 100% buckwheat flour. They're specialities of Brittany, in the far southwest of France on the Atlantic coast.

The roulotte serving the lovely crepes and pizza is crowded every time we visit. This is just a gravel pad with inexpensive tables. Our galette was the "La Raclette": see below.

The Galettes de Sarrazin menu: buckwheat flour crepes filled with various combinations. It's an unusual food in our experience.

Lovely Conni poses before we both dive into this Galette!

This is our dessert, a crepe with salted butter and caramel, a favorite. Since it's a crepe, it's cooked as a circle but then folded into this rectangle.

The Galatte has a truly thin crust and lots of the wonderful cheese, raclette.

Local bottled water from a spring source on Tahiti. It's very tasty.


We're not sure of the translation, but we had fun with it.

From Parc Vaipoopoo, we could see the many large yachts in our Marina Taina.



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