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Home Port of Seward, Alaska


Photos During a Walkabout

Through the weeks we've been here, we've snapped a few photos of interesting sights.

Carrefour, our huge, nearby, supermarket, was selling these NZ oysters. That's packaged tuna behind.

The beautiful English sailboat, Adix, graces the marina.

Looking forward along the aligned masts, one can see the cobweb of lines needed to control the sails.

The tip of Moorea's volcanic peak peaks from the clouds behind the mooring field.

This enormous concrete block is a "corpsmort", or "dead body", used to anchor boats in the harbor.

Conni works at her laptop in the "crows nest" at the marina office.

I love this photo! There are no dock carts, so people use the shopping carts from the nearby Carrefour. One ended in the marina waters, and coral began to grow on it.

This huge catamaran had a top covered in solar panels.

Apsaras is from Hong Kong, one of the few that we've seen from there. She's a real sailor, being entered, and winning, many big ocean races.

This is the largest powered winch that I've ever seen.

The "small" cabin cruiser in front of the huge catamaran, Hemisphere, is her tender. I took this to provide some sense of scale for Hemishere.

This breautiful sailboat is a Hans Christian, designed by Robert Perry, same designer as our boat. This boat is owned by an American couple who bought her new. She's beautifully maintaned.

In the tropics, shade saves sanity and varnish. This is the most complete awning we've seen.




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