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We Bring the Beta into the Boat

We've got the new Beta into the boat and the old Nanni to the junk yard. We'll continue our work until we're done or we all lose our minds.

After a few hours of work, the bilge is clean, or cleaner than it's been in years.

We open our engine box! It's like Christmas for us. Adrian is at left, Bill at right.

The rear of the engine showing the transmission and "cross-over" exhaust. Since our boat's exhaust system is on the right, this allows an easier connection. Note my name as recipient, along with the engine ID: K39730.

The old Nanni has been lifted with the block and tackle we fabricated here and is ready for the forklift to pull it from the boat. Ralph looks on.

The new Beta is lifted from the cradle on which it was shipped. Adrian removes the motor mounts for ease of movement.

Ralph smiles at me as we drag the new Beta into the boat. There was insufficient padding during this process and there was damage done to the cabin floor.

We move the Beta ever closer to the engine bed. The chain hoist supports the engine vertically and the white rope in back controls the fore-and-aft location.

We lower the engine into the prepared bed. The stringers are the two thick members that support the engine.

We had to haul the Nanni to the scrapyard, but arrived at lunch and they weren't open. Georges, Adrian, Conni and I had cheeseburgers, fries, and Orangina at a local Snack. We bought.

Our old Nanni sits awaiting being taken to the scrapheap.

Our last glimpse of the engine was as it was moved to the mountain of engines in the back of the yard. Goodbye, Nanni.

We've got our blue boxes pressed into service to provide some room below decks. We look like Okies.

Gabriel (top) and Adrian install the coupling.

Gabriel and Adrian begin to install the heat exchanger.

Chain hoist on the floor and MESS in the corner!

Lovely Conni is the most patient and long-suffering person whom I know. Those two black hoses arcing over her galley sink are for the new remote oil filter, and every counter is piled high with engine parts.

The Beta in place. There's room around it for the sound insulation, and we've installed most of the parts removed for movement. Unfortunately, we've got to remove it again to prepare the motor mounts. Holy smokes!

With hearing protection, Adrian and Gabriel cut the propeller shaft to acccommodate the new coupling, using an angle grinder and turning the shaft by hand.




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