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Avea Bay

One of our favorite spots in the Society Islands, Avea Bay is at the southern tip of Huahine. The round-island belt road rides the shore closely and there are few amenities. A local resort does make cruisers welcome, though, and many accept their hospitality.

We leave Opunohu Bay on Moorea for Huahine with Conni at the wheel.

Wind Star is a cruise company with these fake sailboats. They've placed this enormous mooring for their boats and as we passed, we snapped this photo.


It's easier to see the sails from this shot. In most wind conditions, they wouldn't help, but it is possible to acquire some propulsion from them.

A lovely home nestled in the verdant greenery of Huahine.

Yeah, this is the one that we want. What a beautiful place!

Now in Avea Bay, it's easy to see how beautiful the place is.

Look at the shades of blue and green in this beautiful water!

Conni's favorite boating activity: spying on neighbors!

Wings at anchor in Avea Bay.

This is a bar, we hear. We can hear music at night from the boat, so we guess that it.

This small store doesn't have much, but they have baguettes in the morning, stored in those boxes to the left of the door. We were on our way to the marae.

Lovely Conni strolls in the heat to Marae Anini, one of the few still on Huahine.

With the marae in the background, Conni holds her hat against the high winds. As you know, a marae is a Polynesian holy site used for religious ritual.

A visiting Frenchman saw us struggling with the self timer on the camera and offered to take our photo. Possible holiday photo, I think. Thankfully, Bill's face is in the shade.

Where you do NOT want your boat to be! 20-25-foot waves crashing on a very rough coral reef would destroy a boat in seconds.

The view from the marae of a small offshore island across a small strait. The island is inhabited but the water here is dangerous.

The marae is filled with coral debris and bordered with these enormous slabs of coral. Handling this stuff is rough, so I'm unsure how the thing was constructed.



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