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Day 2 of Work

Today is Sunday, if you're counting. We began work yesterday, but other than destroying our solar charge controller we've been more productive. Truly, were out of many of the supplies that we need to dive in but we've done better. Here are some photos from our doings.

Bungalow C, our favorite and home for several seasons. Breakfast and dinner are on the porch.

I don't know that we've ever shown the front of the business, but this is the place that rents the bungalow and the car.

The sight down the drive to the business. The manager's wife is crossing the drive.

Looking east toward Uturoa.

Lovely Conni strides up the road opposite the bungalow.

Looking west, obviously, toward the setting sun.

A truly lovely breadfruit tree by this home. The owner was preparinng chicken, grilled out. We could identify it easily!

This is a clever use of solar power: to power a night light.

What a cool house! We loved the colors and column design.

Hate the construction mess, but won't they have a spectacular view of Taha'a?

We saw this lovely lawn on our walk. It's not Anchorage.

Noni fruit: a beverage made of the fermented fruit is sold to yuppies.

Lovely Conni heads back to the bungalow.

We're not sure what is growing here, but there's a lot of it. It's almost in commercial quantities.

We thought that this looked inviting. A hammock strung on the porch and a mosquito-netted bed in the room behind were both comfy-looking.



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