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Leg 8

We Go Back Eastward

We plan to return to French Polynesia on this leg. Since the prevailing Trade Winds blow from East to West, we'll be heading into the winds as we sail eastward. "Beating" it's called, and it's a good name for it. This option will see us simply retracing our steps from Fiji to Tonga, to Niue, to Rarotonga in the Cook Island, and to French Polynesia. Whether we enter French Polynesai in Tahiti or Bora Bora is determined by wind speed and angle since we can't sail directly upwind. At each stop, we will await winds of the appropriate direction and speed before venturing out. We also plan to see a bit more of each of the countries through which moved quickly on our way West. Fiji, Tonga, and the Cook Islands offer a lot more to see that we've been able to see.

Different on this leg is that my beloved Conni will not pariticpate in each of the between-island trips. She'll help commission and de-commission the boat, and might meet the boat at a few destinations, but will NOT be aboard at all times.



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