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Wings In The Unknown

Our world is learning to deal, at least in some way, to a perpetual virus thread.  Conni and I have had our two vaccines each, and each has two boosters so far.  We're used to wearing masks while in public transport or in crowded locations.  It's the price of doing business. 

Our B&G instruments worked superbly last year, but our new wind sensor failed and we must install the new unit.  Our old Raymarine autopilot failed and although we've purchased a new B&G unit, we are doubtful if the components will arrive in time to install this year, a mixed blessing.  Both heads (toilets) failed last season so I'm in line to replace major components on both.  The desalinator (watermaker) will require a major rebuild.  There are also the myriad items of routine maintenance and upgrades to handle.  We expect a full three weeks of work before we can spalsh the boat.  Sigh...

I'm unsure of this, but we've invited a dear friend from Anchorage to join us.  Whether she'll manage to join us is unknown, but we do hope that she can get to FP.  Otherwise, there are few long-range travel plans this season.  



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