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Home Port: Seward, Alaska


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Moving to our site on the hard: John Murgas' marvelous machine, on which we spent Saturday night, was the vehicle by which we were moved to our winter storage site in his yard. He sent countless hours ensuring that Wings was well supported and balanced before he took us across the road to our winter home. When we were finally in place, we plugged into AC, climbed the ladder to deck, and snugged down for the night.

John wanted more slings to support our keel, so he brought all these jack stands to temporarily support the boat, then carefully moved his trailer to the relative location that he favored.

John placed five slings, any one of which would support the entire boat's weight, under our keel for the move.

Here we go! John tows Wings. It's easy to see how cleverly the trailer supports the boat.

John's truck and trailer hauled us to our winter home from our haul-out site, up this little hill, through the trees, across the road, and to his yard.

Conni walks in the wake, watching carefully.

John backs Wings into her spot.

John Margus and Conni pose at Wings' stern.

Conni and derelict sailor pose at Wings' stern.

Bill completes "Men Against the Sea" with help from the cats. Love that AC heat!