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The 18th (Barely Legal) Baja-Haha Begins!

The event that marks several years of planning is about to start. We moved down the coast from Alaska, pushed past desirable places to visit, and worked like fiends, just to arrive in San Diego in time for this. The first few photos are from our entry into San Diego.

California sailing? Yes, San Diego in October is NOT warm! Conni in Alaska/California regalia on watch.

This beautiful schooner in full sail passed us as we neared San Diego.

This USCG vessel is practicing helicopter landings or maneuvers. The helicopter can be seen hovering over her stern.

Dan (the Man) on Sophie. Sophie is a Norseman 44 and is one of the few sailboats that might trump Wings. He's a atmospheric physicist for NOAA, is a very experienced ocean racer, and has done a beautiful job of outfitting her. We've become friends and I'd like to keep track of him.

Jerry and Nancy arrived and immediately went to work, here stowing our dinghy. There is no substitute for industrious, experienced cruisers as crew.

A lovely vessel docked next door. The "lee clothes" provide a bit of privacy in port and protection from sun and wind while sailing.

Folie Douce, captained by a very interesting mariner. Mark is a delivery skipper of French extraction who's sailed all over the world. The boat is an Alberg 38.

We've been playing hop-scotch with Jennifer for several days. She's from Sweden and pays her way by hosting paying clients aboard. She has an interesting website on which her owner blogs in English and Swedish. She's a big Benateau.

The lime-green Haha flag flies from several entries. There was a bit of celebration happening!

Our stern, showing the new taffrail and re-installed Hydrovane. The coiled white line is for the water generator. The generator itself is the while cylinder aimed upward at lower left. To it the while line is attached at one end, while at the other the propeller (visible near the white Hydrovane cover) is dragged. As the boat sails, the trailing propeller is forced to turn and the tightly-woven white line transmits the rotation to the generator.

The Baja-Haha party begins! Costumed or not, everyone had a great time. It was held on the ground of the ENORMOUS San Diego West Marine.

Party-goers enjoy food and drink. The blue tent covers food.

The beer and wine tent, in white, was an obvious meeting point. Free beer and wine was a nice touch.



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